Little King Boggen

Little King Boggen he built a fine hall,
Pie-crust and pastry-crust, that was the wall;
The windows were made of black puddings and white,
And slated with pancakes, — you ne’er saw the like!

Little King Boggen


Among the most cherished and time-honored nursery rhymes in the annals of the English language, Little King Boggen holds a special place. First appearing in print within the esteemed 1719 compilation of English Nursery Rhymes by the illustrious Robert Dodsley, it stands tall alongside perennial favorites such as the enigmatic “Hey Diddle Diddle” and the whimsical “Hickory Dickory Dock.”


At its core, Little King Boggen spins the yarn of a monarch who erects a grandiose hall, a marvel of construction with walls of piecrust and pastry-crust, windows formed from black puddings and white, and a roof slated with pancakes. The rhyme's interpretation, however, remains an enigma, shrouded in the mists of time.

On the one hand, it could be a captivating folktale centered on the awe-inspiring edifice crafted by King Boggen. Alternatively, it might serve as an allegory for the confluence of diverse people who unite to create something magnificent. Regardless of the poem's intended message, its potential to impart lessons of collaboration and unity to children is undeniable.

Children's Activities

To engage young minds and foster a deep appreciation for the nursery rhyme, a plethora of enchanting activities centered on Little King Boggen are at their disposal. For instance, the creation of a puppet show can bring the tale to life. With rudimentary supplies such as paper, glue, and markers, children can fashion puppets depicting King Boggen and his resplendent castle and reenact the fabled scene.

Pastry-Crust Boxes

A creative endeavor, constructing pastry-crust boxes allows children to draw inspiration from the rhyme itself. Commencing with the preparation of pastry-crust dough, they can roll it out, fashioning a sizable rectangle. The children are then free to cut out an array of shapes, such as stars, circles, and squares, adorning their boxes with a multitude of artistic elements. Finally, the boxes are assembled and baked to perfection.

Boggen Storytelling Game

A challenge worthy of their imagination, the Boggen storytelling game invites children to create an original narrative starring the characters from "Little King Boggen." Equipped with cardstock, they can draw and cut out the rhyme's protagonists. Placing the characters on a table, they spin a bottle to determine who initiates the story with their chosen character as the focal point. The players then take turns, each adding their own unique twists and turns to the tale