has now come to town
With a petticoat green
and a bright yellow gown.



Daffy-down Dilly, a whimsical nursery rhyme with mysterious 18th-century English roots, spins the tale of a quirky girl courted by gift-bearing suitors. Yet, she stays true to herself, rejecting their materialistic advances.


This catchy rhyme, often sung with claps and twirls, serves as a playful warning against vanity and materialism. Perfect for little ones, it helps teach language and counting skills too!

This cheeky lass, with her unwavering spirit, keeps teaching kids valuable life lessons. Besides dodging greedy suitors, she reminds us that true love and affection matter more than wealth.

Often used as a fun teaching tool, Daffy-down Dilly gets tiny feet tapping and little hands clapping. As kids sing and dance, they learn about self-respect, love, and kindness.