Great A, Little A

Great A, little a,
Bouncing B;
The cat's in the cupboard,
And she can't see.

Great A, Little A

Origin and History 

The popular nursery rhyme Great A, Little A first appeared in print in 1700 and has been part of many cultures ever since. While the exact origin of the rhyme remains unknown, it is believed to be of French origin. The earliest version of the rhyme was, “A, a, a! B, b, b!” and only later did it evolve into the more elaborate modern version.
The original version of this rhyme is believed to have originated in an old French court game similar to When Pigs Fly. Later, it became an exercise in counting and reading as it was used to teach children their ABCs. 


The last word of this nursery rhyme is "see" which rhymes with the letter "C". By using this wordplay, the rhyme serves to introduce toddlers to the alphabet by teaching them that the next letter after B is C. This type of wordplay can be very helpful in teaching young children the alphabet, as it's a fun way to reinforce the order of the letters. Additionally, the use of rhyme and repetition can make it easier for children to remember the sequence.

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