Mary Morey

I’ll tell you a story
About Mary Morey,
And now my story’s begun.
I’ll tell you another
About her brother,
And now my story’s done.

Mary Morey


Eleanor Worthington, the 17th-century poetess credited with fashioning the Mary Morey nursery rhyme, was esteemed for her keen eye and aptitude for capturing the quintessence of pastoral life in her compositions. Born and bred in Dorset, England, Worthington was profoundly influenced by the tight-knit hamlet in which she resided. The Mary Morey nursery rhyme is believed to be among her earliest creations, inspired by her observations of the robust familial ties within her village.

The rhyme’s succinctness stands as a testament to the potency of storytelling, demonstrating that even the briefest of tales can captivate and endure in memory. Worthington’s ambition may have been to kindle a passion for storytelling among younglings, nurturing creativity and self-expression through the employment of imagination.

A Comedy Night

In 1968, a bustling city resolved to organize a comedy night at a well-liked downtown locale, with the purpose of showcasing local talent and delivering an evening abundant with laughter and fellowship. Keen participants from diverse backgrounds enlisted themselves to display their flair for storytelling and humor and recount the briefest, yet most captivating tale.

When it was Frank’s turn,with confidence, he advanced towards the microphone and initiated his performance: „I’ll tell you a story about Mary Morey, and now my story’s begun. I’ll tell you another about her brother, and now my story’s done.“